Monday, 7 March 2011

How to Convert a Gas Grill to Natural Gas - Step by Step

Routinely utilized propane grills need several propane cylinder modifications. 1 method to upgrade your grill is always to convert it to organic gas. If your house has organic fuel services, running a gas line to your grill and producing small modifications allows you to grill any time without having worrying about propane cylinder changes and fuel amounts.
Stick to this action.
Turn off the natural gas supply to your home. You'll be adding normal gasoline lines.

Add a T
for your fuel line on the property facet with the meter. Add the T as near to your grill as you can. Make sure you seal the joints to prevent fuel leaks.

the new gasoline line through the T to your grill. If your fuel supply is inside, use black pipe to extend the line outside. As soon as exterior, 1/2 inch black pipe is excellent for straight runs; or else, flexible 1/2 gas lines might be less difficult to route.
Install a fuel shutoff valve with the finish of your new fuel line close to your grill. Seal the joint correctly.
Flip off the new shutoff valve and flip on your gas supply.

a bit soapy drinking water on your entire new connections to test for leaks. When the drinking water bubbles, you've got a leak and must reseal the joint.
Eliminate the propane regulator from your grill. Your home's gas provide regulator now controls the gas pressure to the grill. Distinct grills spot the regulator in several spots and demand distinct simple hand tools.
Eliminate the burner assembly from your grill. Distinct grills demand different disassembly strategies.

Drill out the orifices
connected to your grill's flame degree controls. Use a 1/16 inch drill bit. The orifices for natural gas must be somewhat more substantial than for propane.

Reassemble the grill and connect the
all-natural fuel to the grill employing a versatile hose.
Turn about the gas and light the grill. In the event you will need much more flame, you may have to redrill the orifices using a 3/32 inch bit. However, bear in mind that increasing the dimensions with the orifices a lot of might cause the should exchange the orifices and begin again.


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